Selecting the first result from a website search

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to select the first recipe that comes up after searching for a specific fruit. I’m having trouble making this work with different search terms.

In steps, I want to:

  1. Navigate to and search for any fruit (This works)
  2. Sort results by highest rating first (This works)
  3. Select the first result (This is where I’m stuck)

I want to select the title of the recipe, whatever it is. Highlighted below. In this example, “pineapple” was searched.

I have tried all sorts of things and can’t get my head around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Simply remove the name from your selector and specify that it must be the first element of that type, for example, the Title element.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Search' />
<webctrl tag='A' parentclass='title' idx='1' />

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Thank you very much! This works perfectly!

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