How to capture the first search link from browser

screenshot above, i want to type o76(ICD 10) value in the search field and get the first link whatever matches from below suggestion. Plz help me how to select link whatever matches comes with respect to search value

Hi @Neha_Aggarwal1

Once you enter the text in the search bar & hit search, assuming that the result division will appear in the same fashion as specified, you can use the following approach:

Step 1: Use the ‘Find Children’ activity to indicate the result division as the target.
Step 2: Configuring the filter using the input string to get the first matching division.
Step 3: Using UiExplorer, get the attribute related to the link for the respective division.

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grabbing the first link is depending on the structure of website forming the base of the selectors. So it is recommended to analyse it more within UiExplorer / Browser F12 Web tools.

In general we do have the following options:

  • find element activity with a tuned selector
  • data scraping / table extraction - extracting the links and taking the first element
  • find children activity - filtering on <webctrl tag='A' /> elements, taking first found element and retrieving the href attribute value
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HI @Neha_Aggarwal1

After searching in teh panel

Use DataScrapping and extract the data from that below results

Check on extract Url field while scrapping so that the link will be get extracted

Then you can use the link from the row like



as a first step as mentionen above we suggest an analysis:

Browser Tools: F12 - right click on the link, inspect element
UiExplorer - Open it standalone from the design panel - indicate item

Once you can inspect the link, first check if the href attribute does have a usable url or not

from above screenshot / analysis we do see there is a javascript:void(0), so we cannot grab the url.

now lets follow the business case / requirements and summarize what will be done with link at next step

But also to short cut the discussion: when the URL is public, then please share it with us. So we can do also some RnDs on it e.g. checking what is behind:


business said now, only text is sufficient just need to get the text which is first comes after searching dynamically.

then data scrapping, taking the first row would serve, right?

the log message result is coming blank

please let this not unhandled / unanswered

we dont know what was modelled

In general, you can do inspection more direct and quick when working with the debugging panels:

@ppr so sorry but URL is not public

so you could use filter datatable activity and filter the extracted datatable on the search term

Four Ways to Filter Data Tables in UiPath Studio | UiPath

@ppr @arjunshenoy @Sudharsan_Ka thanku so much for your help

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