Selecting Table Style Option in Excel


I was curious to know if there is a send hotkey method to select the table style options in excel.
How can I select the desired style if I use Alt+ ht?
UiExplorer may be useful but I still want to know about the hotkey method.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sheetal_Dayal,

Are you referring to Excel predefined table styles.

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Yes that’s what I want to do :slight_smile:

Ok. You can use Send Hot Key on the opened Excel file. ALT + ht. Replace the predefined table styles value with a variable. For the variable values you have to hover the mouse for 2-3s over the predefined table styles to see the predefined table style name.

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I was able to achieve the required condition. However, I have 2 sheets and somehow click didnt work for the first sheet. So for the first one I had to use Click and for the second sheet I used highlight element.

Thank you so much @GreenTea :+1:

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