Selecting PDF Elements



No, that should be enough. can you try with UIExplorer first?


On some configs opening preferences (Ctrl+k) and pressing Ok “unlocks” accessibility, at least until you close it completely.
No idea why, but its worth a shot.


Hi guys,

First, happy new year 2018 ! Thanks for your answers.

I tried the Ctrl+K trick but no improvement.

Can you try with this PDF ( ans tell me if you all have the same issue ?

Thanks in advance !


Ok guys I don’t know what I did exactly but it’s finaly working.

I canceled both options and enabled them again

PDF anchor practice 1 in lesson 10
Selectors not working - Google Chrome
PDF Partial Selectors

@pipah this fixed the issue for me as well, finally! Thanks!


Works fine until restart of Acrobat Reader. I always have to untick -> retick the above settings after restart. I could however automate the resetting of the configuration :wink:


worked for me. Thanks!


Same for me. Is not a sustainable solution, unfortunately. Dissapointed with UIPath PDF extraction :frowning:


This is really bad implementation in UiPath. I’m using 2018.1v. and facing the same issue. Only workaround I found is to scroll the pdf up and down manually or using hotkeys and then you’ll be able to select individual elements in the pdf.

Hope they fix it soon.


We are working on this but until then, you can add a sequence in your workflow to enable de Assistive technology in acrobat reader (using ctrl+k) before the actual automation inside.


Hello Gabriel!
Any update on this issue? Still not able to select a particular table using Data Scraping activity


unfortunately, not yet. but try to do the enabling of assitive technology from your workflow


I am getting the same problem.


i am also getting the same problem here , i cant scrape a specific item in my pdf file, instead it scrape either the entire page of the pdf or the entire pdf file.



Is there really no way of fixing this? I have the same issue. Tried to do what the answer said, and it worked only partly. Now i’m able of picking kind of a section of 2 lines instead of the whole PDF document as before. I can’t pick single words og numbers.
I also have to do the uncheck and check every time i open a PDF file.


Hello, I have the same issue, any news about this problem ?
In fact, the document is totally selected (blue overlay) but I can select text using the keyboard arrows. Selecting a sector captures the text in the sector.


I believe the workaround is to activate assistive technology per file.
Ctrl+Shift+5 will get you to the option. After doing that, you should be able to select the elements.


Great, it works ! In fact, it looks like a bug in the reader because the option was not set in the panel you indicate, but it is set in the other panel option. Strange.
Thanks a lot @ClaytonM


i used this before read this post xD and effectivily this works


hello but just send key combination “ctrl + k” then “esc” before read the pdf , i solved read an exactly item of a table (uipath does not read the single value like in your case) using RE (Regular expresion) something like this: “Arriendo de Televía\s\d*.?\d*.?\d*” this will search "Arriendo Televía " (note the space blank (\s)) so if found this it will select all digits separated with dot “.” so you can read eg 1.456 , 12.455 , 122.889 , 1.123.678 i hope his work for you . i almost forgot you can check if this bring some data with and if activity and the output variable of the matches activity eg matchResult.Count > 0 :smiley: