Selecting Multiple Orchestrator Robots Should Run on Only One

Hello all,

Selecting Multiple Orchestrator Robots Should Run on Only One.

I started this Idea, because currently when we try to utilize multiple Robots within Orchestrator by selecting more than one to run our process, it runs the process on every robot that is selected at the same time.

Maybe I’m missing something here, though, but wouldn’t it make more sense if the process is only run on the most available Robot or just select one at random from the pool of robots that were selected? Or even have an option to prioritize which robot to run on.

There are times when a Robot might be down or inaccessible and you must have multiple Robots selected in order for it to run successfully, however, running the same process on all robots selected will cause some issues.

Our current workaround will be to manage our schedules to only select certain robots that will be available. It’s not ideal.

I’d like to know if there are plans to optimize this idea into Orchestrator or maybe it’s already there but I’m doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!


That’s kind of the point, or am I missing something? :wink:

Have you tried using NumberOfRobots in the schedule? It should (logically speaking) start with those with status Available (don’t know, haven’t tested it - we have pretty granular environment split, so it’s not really needed in most of our cases).

Do note that if a job is supposed to start on a robot that is already doing something, that job will enter a pending state (wait for previous job to finish and then start).

I’m nor sure I get your question :slight_smile:

I tried NumberOfRobots, which could work to an extent, assuming your Workflow is designed to run using every Username on the server. So thanks for that recommendation.

However, my issue is that if you want to schedule a process to use 2 or more specific Robots, it will run that process on every Robot at the same time (when you only want to run it once). Imagine scheduling a process to run a few times in an hour but make use of multiple Robots (but not all Robots) to make sure it runs ok. So, basically, it’s going to run the process (that you only want to run like twice in an hour) twice times each Robot. Now all those Robots are being held up from other process as well.

Sorry if I confused you, lol.

You create a group (environment) containing your 2 specific robots.
You deploy and schedule on that group, max_n_of robts = 1

Thanks. That is correct, except what’s to stop someone from selecting all robots by using the select all checkbox or just selecting more than one checkbox? Then it runs your job on every robot that was selected instead of one. Is there a benefit to doing that cause I don’t believe it will help to have a job run on multiple robots at the same time, unless it’s running a queue and performs different transactions.

Currently, we need to give our adhoc users instructions so they don’t mess everything up, lol.