Data Scraping Wizard, No Option For Extract URL



Following this example on how to use Data Scaping,

I don’t ever come across the option to Extract URL.
The steps I go through are as follow,

Step(1) Click on Data Scraping in wizard tab.
Step(2) Click next then click on the header of the first column.
Step(3) Extract data from whole table.
Step(4) Click finish.

Between step 3 and 4, I see the option to click another element, yet the software skips this option and represents the table it scraped.

The scraping is completely accurate. But I never get the option to scrape one of the columns as URLs. I only have the option to Edit Data Definition. Is this where I would Extract URLs from the last column?

Edit: I am using the latest version.

How to create data table throng screen scrapping

Hi @r0manred, Are you using Chrome or IE ? I see below instructions which are slightly different to what you said.

Link :


1.Open Internet Explorer and navigate to
2.In the search box type “volleyball ball” and press Enter. Results are displayed in the web page.
3.In Studio, on the Design tab, in the Wizards group, click Data Scraping. The Extract Wizard is displayed.
4.Following the wizard, select the first and last items in the web page. The Configure Columns wizard step is displayed.
5.Select the Extract URL check box.
6.Change the name of the column headers.


IE, and I followed those exact instructions. I don’t get the option to click the last items. I also don’t get the Extract URL check box option.

Edit: I’m using the above link as an example. I am using a different site. I am scraping a table with 5 columns, where the last one is a link. Again, I only get the option to scrape the first item and not the last item. Which in turn never shows the option to Extract URL.

Could this be because it is an html data table? This example shows my problem…


So I found a solution I believe.

I scrape the table completely. I’ve seen another possible maybe more complicated solution earlier. But anyway after moving the table to excel,

I use Anchor Base click method.
I use find element to find a Job#. Then I clicked the corresponding pdf button in that row depending on the Job number. The selector is dynamic depending on what row I am in the excel sheet.