Selecting Field instead of table in SAP VA01 for Sales Order Creation

Hi, Im trying to insert the data into the field in the table.
When Type into activity is selected, the whole table is being selected.

How can I select the particular cell / field ?


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Did you enable script on Client and server side ?

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Hi Lakshman,

For the client site, I have done it.
For server site, unfortunately not able to do it.

Is that the main reason I can`t select the field ?


@jmcheong7 how do you get to this page from VA01, i can try check on my side, if its working for me then you have to enable server side scripting as @lakshman said

Hi Jack!

On the VA01, at the bottom, there are few tabs, and usually we just select Item Overview and key in the field in red box at the table below

im able to select each field, so i think let your IT enable server side scripting (RZ_11 transaction code) and it should work


HI @jmcheong7

The solution: SAP Scripting must be enabled on Server side.

See the link from @lakshman (thanks) and also thanks to @jack.chan :slight_smile:

Best regards, Lev


Thanks all of you.

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