Selecting date in Datepicker through variable


I have a date picker in my website.I want to select any random date it can be last year date or last month date which i m storing in variable. For this i took SetText activity but now i dont know how to pass variable so that it will select the date.

Hi @Gauri_Rawool u have to make dynamic selectors in click activity then it will select the appropriate date.

Hi @Tushar_Karkera i also have to select month and year.

@Gauri_Rawool Can you show us a Screenshot of the Date Picker and It’s Selector in UiExplorer ?

Usually in SET TEXT Activity we write DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1).AddMonth(-1).AddYears(-1).tostring(“dd-mmm-yyyy”) land it select date correctly but now i want to pass my variable which have date 04-Feb-2020

@Gauri_Rawool Pass that value as a Variable to Set Text, If Set Text was working for the Previous Value, It should work for this as well


Team this is worth watching