Selecting checkbox

I wanted to select a checkbox from a list of items. I tried “Click Image”, “Click” and “Select Item”, but was not successful. Posting the screenshot of the checklist below.


Could you please select any item using Click Activity and show me Selector once.

This is what i get

@gaya3 try like this buddy by using anchor base in that use find element and click activity try it once may be it work’s.

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Thanks. I tried it. But the item below the desired item is getting selected.
for ex, if I want to select"transaction id" , "customer company name " is getting checked.

@gaya3 for find element give the owner or transaction number or anything which you have if it find the respective element it will click the checkbox.

I’m sorry, I did not understand.

Hi @gaya3

make sure you give correct AnchorPosition (Check parameters of AnchorBase activity)


Open UI Explorer and check is there any attribute like aaname once.

Use check activity and try it out

@gaya3 capture18
this is how it should be buddy,have a try like this.


Thanks a lot. I finally got it

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Thanks for the help

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@gaya3 that’s great buddy cheers.

Thanks for the help but i got it using anchor base itself

Hey, Thanks for the help

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