Anchor Point with Checkbox

Hey @kaderms, thanks a lot for the help. My last post was marked as spam, so I had to make a new one. I am toying around with the anchors and am having a little issue. I am using the anchor point and set it to find the element, an image of “WBC Count.” I then have a click element next to the find, which I set to click the checkbox.

Here is my workflow:

Here is my error:

img2 — ImgBB (new users can only upload one image, sorry)

Any thoughts as to what is going wrong? Thank you again.

Hey @automations2, I dont think the selector for the checkbox is correct.
For the click activity - Go to Properties > Input > Target > Selector.
See if you are finding the selector for the checkbox. See if you can find something unusual there.
Help me with the selector.

Try recording a checking the checkbox and observe the selector too.

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