Selecting cells depending on coloum name/header

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I would like to past data into a certain cell of a certain coloum/table. The coloum name/header is the current month and the needed row is called “Price”. Therefor a new cell has to be selected each month.
I wonder how to implement such dependencies. Is it possible and if so how, to look for the cell of “Month/Price”? And is it even possible to tell the programm that I want it to look for the cell with the current month as coloum header without telling it which one it is?

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In general ist should be possible. Lets assume the data is read in into a datatable so the Coluumns Collection can be used for some column existence / positions evaluations.

The best would be you share some data (anonymous data is welcome as well) with us. Based on this we can help for a solution adressing your case individually. Thanks


Share your file with input and expected output with dummy data if it is conf

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Hi, thank you very much for your reply!
I just put together a file with dummy data. But it says I am a nwe user and cant upload files yet. How to change this?
Regarding the programming problem:
Usually I would use VBA doing that task but I guess it is better doing as much tasks with UiPath in the end when using UiPath anyway. Please let me know it using UiPath is not a good idea for problems like this. I am very new to this program.

Thank you very much!

You must reply on my post so i will get notify
is left side is input and right one is op?

Hi! Thanks for the info!
Yes, left is input data, right one what I wish to get by using UiPath.

are you able to do this by using macro?
And by using UiPath i have made similar thing earlier let me check

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I haven’t done this particular task in macro yet, since I try to switch to UiPath as much as possible.
I guess I am mostly looking for a way to use an “if”-command that compares table entries…
Thanks for checking!

Ok i will work on it

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Please check the below workflow
Formating.xaml (23.7 KB) TestForFormat.xlsx (10.0 KB)

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