Selected Specific Rows in Data Scraping

Hi Guys

I am using the data scraping functionality in studio to scrape twitter messages. I got it to output the messages in a data table and I am using a for each row to process them one by one. I am using another tool to read the messages and classify it by it’s content. So basically this tool will process each row and determine what this message is describing. For example if one tweet was talking about cars. It will classify that tweet as a vechile tweet.

Basically my question is using the Data Scraping funcionality, is there a way to get the robot to repsond to specific tweets. For example if a tweet was about a vechile. The robot will reply to that tweet. To make this harder, I do not want to use any keywords from the tweet. I want to use my keywords from the classify tool. So I have CSV with some tweets and wrote the catergory next to it. So basically I want to go through the spreadsheet rows one by one. For each one that has the one vechile and respond to it.

I understand reading the excel and processing the rows. It’s the logic of checking that is confusing me. So I am sure, would you do a find element and then pass in the tweet message for each catergory.

Any ideas?

Hi @bobby,

I am bit confused about what you are trying to address. Can you make it clear… So that we can help you out…

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No problem man. I will make this simpler. I basically want to read from an excel which has two columns. One with a tweet and one with a response. I understand how to setup the read range and for each row side of the process. But I want to go through each tweet that contains the word bad in column 2. For example the tweet is about “I am like fast cars” and column two is bad. So I want to filter the datatable for the word bad. This is give me all the bad tweets, I am not sure how do this. is it using a Then I want to go to twitter and reply to all the bad tweets. I do not know how to do the find part. So how do you search for the tweet on twitter and using click activities to respond to it.

is that more clearer @ranjith_udayakumar