Can we Scrap the data from social media sites zoominfo

Hii All,
I want to Scrap the data from the zoominfo .
Their is various filters acording to that we automate that social media sites.
fetched data into an csv file.
can anyone tell me how to automate?

Thanks in advance

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you can do that, and it depands on what are you trying to scrap, you can get specific text by using Get Text activity and to add it to excel you can use Add Data Row

Hi Pradeep_Shiv
Their is multiple options for all filters like company name, industry names, employee size how add it.
some part exclude it like company name…I have used the select multiple items activity.It gives an error. I want to fetch that data into an excel.
How we can do that ?

Thanks in advance

I think you can’t automate it, just one-time parsing. As for social media, I can recommend extension for Chrome Scraper, A-Parser (by the way, here maybe you could automate it, but I’m not sure) or Likigram.

This is a very nice post, And I agree with the suggestions Accsmall