How find particular text in data scraping plz

How to select particular text in data scraping plz

Assuming you are using data scraping wizard to scrape a table, once you do that you will output as DataTable.
Then you can loop through that DT, use for each row and find the value you need.
To click/select a particular text in the actual table, you need to find which row the text is present from the same steps, then use get attribute for class or table row or something else, then use click activity with dynamic selector.

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this is what i have, what is the next step plz ?

you have it in datatable use Write Range and write it in excel from there you can get text row wise!

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already did that, but i have all the line in the same colomn, what i want is to select the text i want

Looks like your scraped data is not in structured format.
You have to split the string and write them in the excel.

Here are some good references for doing that.

How can i said, i want in this scrap the information between ''Chez" and “2011” for example ?

Is it possible to combine this condition with datascraping ? thank you :slight_smile:


i dont think so ,
you can use Matches activity for that!