Select value from dynamic dropdown list based on keyword given by user

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Can you please provide me sample example or detailed steps how to select value from dynamic drop down list based on keyword given by user.

I need to select value which contain “Loopback” keyword from drop down list.

selector -

I am able to get innertext value as it is.
innertext=' (gigabitethernet0/0/1) (loopback0)

i want to select (loopback0) from drop down list. its not showing separate option.

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have a look here on the shared xaml:

it showcased on how to use find children for this

some other help here:

Thanks but it did not work


I am getting below innertext which contain all list values together . the dropdown list in table format & all values are combine .
innertext=' (gigabitethernet0/0/1) (loopback0)
1)1st value of drop down is (gigabitethernet0/0/1)
2)second value of drop down is (loopback0)

this is dynamic one . i tried using selector but not able to select a value which contain loopback.

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similar to the provided text also provide us some details to the corresponding options and also give us some more details on the element structures (e.g. screenshots from the part - browser tolls F12).

Currently we dont see any blocker that the approach with find children should not work.