Select today date file in dropdown

i want to select the todays date file in drop down, but some times file in 02.01.2020 and sometimes 02-.01-2020, how to select that different date formats file in dropdown?

use a TRY CATCH activity where inside the TRY BLOCK use a SELECT ITEM activity and choose that drop down for element and pass this input “02.01.2020” as string to that activity
if that works like if its there it would work and goes for the next activity
if that string format is not there it will fail and throws exception which will take us to CATCH block where again use a SELECT ITEM activity and choose that drop down for element and mention the another input string like “02.01.2020” so that it will search for that and select it

Cheers @aRani7

Thanks to respond quickly, but i want to click on that particular file in dropdown, sometimes file name also make some changes,Example–Robot- uipath 02.01.2020
Robot uipath 02-01-2020

may i know where we get this from @aRani7

getting from Sharepoint link

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Fine, but why this drop down values keep changing, will it reflect based on the value from Sharepoint


everyday i will get one file only, but sometimes file format will be changing

during those times will that drop down gets updated
if it gets updated then we wont face this issue even we dont need to use this try catch

i didn’t get you,can you please give me one example

In Case of additional calculations are needed (in your Case the different dateformats) find children Activity can Help

Retrieve with find children all selectitems
Do some calculations to retrieve the specific selectitem
Use the found selectitem as uielement within a click activity or use the selectitem Text within a selectitem activity