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I would like to select today from a drop down menu, but it is not straight forward dates on the drop down list.
For example, today it might be “W22290720 Safety”.
So today I want to select the 0720 Safety.
Tomorrow I want 0721 Safety…etc

But I am not quiet sure how to do that.

Thank you

Hello @Gary_Liu,

Use a select activity with the input being as follows:

“W*” + Now.Datetime.ToString(“MMdd”) + " Safety"

If that doesn’t work, then you may have to use two individual clicks, One to open the menu and then another to click the date with the above input.


By using Find childern …you can get all the data
then Filter Data
UI_Element=List_UIElemets.where(Function(U) U.Get(“aaname”).Tostring.Contains(Now.Tostring(“MMdd”))).First()
then pass this variable in properties pannel of click activity in element

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Got it to work. Thank you both of you

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Awesome stuff Gary.

If you could mark the appropriate answer as the solution for future people that would be appreciated.

Good luck automating!

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