Select Row item in Browser DT

Excel Data Table(cID1, cID2, cID3, ,ETC)
Browser Data Table(cID1, cID2, cID3, ,ETC)(Multiple pages)

Read Range from excel data table
For each row(Excel data table)
Extract Data from browser data table
For each row browser data table
select cID1=cID ON browser data able
Click edit button


Please check this.I guess its similar requirement


Hi @Dhiaa-ABM,

It seems like you are trying to perform a data scraping operation from a web page and then use the extracted data to perform certain actions. Here is an overview of the workflow you have described:

  1. Select a row item from the browser data table.
  2. Read the data from the Excel data table using the “Read Range” activity.
  3. Open the web page in a browser using the “Open Browser” activity.
  4. Loop through each row in the Excel data table using the “For Each Row” activity.
  5. Extract the data from the browser data table using the “Data Scraping” wizard or other relevant activities.
  6. Loop through each row in the browser data table using the “For Each Row” activity.
  7. Check if the value of cID1 in the browser data table matches the value of cID in the Excel data table.
  8. If there is a match, click the edit button.

To accomplish this, you can use UiPath activities such as “Data Scraping”, “For Each Row”, “Read Range”, “Open Browser”, “Click”, and “Element Exists” (to check if the edit button exists on the page).

Thanks for your help, I did all that but each client in excel has different data in browser so، the Edit button ID change for each row, the main problem how select the Edit for each different row


Did you happen to look at yhe previous comment…it has few pointers on how to use


Yes still not working


If you can point out what is not working then we can give you aresolution…

Can you please explain what you tried out of the provided details and what is failing or not working…


this the Edit uiexplorer:

and Changed some details to :

But Still select different Contract ID