Select Product from UI Grid

Hello Guys,

I am new to UiPath dev and need your help.

Here is the scenario I am trying to solve, the UI interface for sage does not allow me to filter the grid. However, the BOT is supposed to be able to search and select the product# with a matching product# for processing.

How do I program the BOT to identify and select the required product# from the Sage WebService grid?

From the image below, I want the BOT to select a product where the (Serie Column) is 5, as highlighted in Amber.

Not aware of this application but you can surely find the selector and change it as per your requirement

I am working with Sage X3

@Terry_Dagu-Certified_IT_P we need access to a SAGE X3 ERP instance to debug and understand what technology is behind this application. I will see if I can find such a test instance.

I was looking on their site and looks like they have a cloud interface too ( Can you use that web interface for automation?


Hello Gheorghe,

We use the SAGE X3 web service hosted on out internal network. I cannot access this outside of our network. SAGE X3 is also running from an IE browser.

Good News is; I have found an advanced way to search.
Bad News is ; when I click ok, after entering the Order# details the BOT does not always return a search value. But when I click ok manually a search value is returned. Why is this happening?

Are you happy to have a walkthrough call? @gheorghestan

@Terry_Dagu-Certified_IT_P sorry, I somehow missed your message.
May I suggest trying CursorMontionType=Smooth setting for the Click activity?