Change the string to int32 issue with data select in excel

I want to filter the WIID in the excel, but apparently it does not work. It has the error: the expression has too many closing parentheses. could you please help?


Hi @vivianlam12,
Can u share ur workflow,so that i can have closer look at the issue and fix it.

What are you trying to filter?
If you want to filter, following three inputs required -

  1. Column name
  2. Value
  3. Data type of value

Hi @Chetan94k,

thanks for your reply. Please see the process below. I want to filter the WIID is <500000, but it is not successful.

Process.xaml (23.4 KB)

Hi @vivianlam12,

When a particular column contains only numeric value you no need to convert the value into Int32 on a Select().

You can directly write your filter statement as intestdatatable.Select(WIID < 500000).CopyToDataTable()

Hope this resolve your issue :slight_smile:

Thanks cthamizh.

But it doesnt work. Here is my excel file.

result.xlsx (7.2 KB)

now my assign is below.

error message is below

not sure if the quote is wrong. thanks again.

@vivianlam12 - This is not an error, see the message in your screenshot - it says there are no records for this filter. To overcome this you have to use this activity within TryCatch for a better results :slight_smile:

Also in the attached file I can’t see any column headers. You could try again with some data.

Sorry, it doesnt work. I want to ask the below workflow… now has the error message


try.xaml (10.3 KB)