Select Item problem

How can I solve this error that it gives me when I make a select item in my process: "Could not find target element because internet Explorer is runing in Enhanced Protect Mode?

Check this screenshot - you will want to disable protected mode for ‘internet’ security level OR enable protected mode for intranet & trusted sites.

The issue you’re getting is likely because you are starting your browser session in a trusted site, then moving to a site that is not listed in trusted/intranet sites. When this happens it goes into ‘protected mode’ which has different security rules and it is blocking the ability for scripts & uipath to run.

I found the easiest way to deal with this at most companies was rather than adding more sites to be ‘trusted’ (security team wouldn’t be happy) - we would instead just count all intranet and trusted sites to enable protected mode. This should fix the issue

EDIT: forgot to add screenshot

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