Internet Explorer running in Enhanced Protected Mode on Generate Yearly Report Assigment

Hello, I am recently doing one of the UiPath Academy’s courses especially the Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive one, the “Generate Yearly Report” practice. I finished the program but I can’t upload it to the platform because I can’t run it completely. First of all, some activities and interaction processes with the browser, IE, take a long time, and another thing, at different points in the program the browser does not allow me to advance due to the error "Could not find target element because Internet Explorer is running in Enhanced Protected Mode. ".

What can I do to avoid this error and finally be able to upload the activity to the platform?

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Hi @JavXult,

Are you Testing this in VM?

If yes,

Try the below to Close the error on IE

  • Open Server Manager
  • Click on Local Server
  • Look for IE Enhanced Protection Mode, If it’s ON then turn it OFF.
  • Restart IE.


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