Select item not working for dropdown items

I am facing a problem in selecting the correct item from dropdown in the native app but the Select item activity is not working.


In the image above, you can see that the items has been listed till letter “E” but there are more items present in the dropdown which is not showing in the list. As a result, it fails to select the desired item (for example: i want “Vestas V80” item to be selected)

Below is the list of all the items in the dropdown in the app.

Hello @Asfaque

As per my understanding even if an item is present at the button of the drop down and not visible in the current screen also gets selected with Select Item activity.

Are these items refreshing while scrolling down or items are already present in the dropdown?


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Items are already present in the dropdown.

Yes, you are right. Select item activity automatically fetches all the items present in the dropdown irrespective of its visibility. But in this case, it’s not working

I doubt Sometimes if the list is generating using java script the issue can happen. Can you check whether the drop down data is populating using a javascript.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan I don’t have idea how to check that. This is a native app btw and not webapp.

HI @Asfaque ,
can you please print that value in log message and check the value are matching in dropdown.


Hi @arivu96, I have checked it, it is not picking all the values in the dropdown

I have found the solution. actually the problem is in the app itself. the drop down is not stable.

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