Select item in custom and hidden dropdown

Good afternoon everyone!

I am having trouble selecting an item from a dropdown that is only displayed after typing 3 characters or more.

  • initially the component is a text field.
  • after entering some characters a dropdown appears


Can you help me? Thank you very much in advance

Are you saying select item activity is not working in this case.

  1. Try find children activity.
  2. First typeinto something and then try using select item activity.

Not sure if I understood your query.

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Good day everyone,

I am having a similar issue with an exchange rate site.
Historical Currency Converter | OANDA.
If I click and type the currency code for instance AUD, the drop down menu shows me two currencies, because it also searches in the name, so it is showing me “Australian Dollar AUD” and “Saudi Riyal SAR” :upside_down_face:

When that happen the whole program begins acting weird and it’s not working properly.

All your help is much appreciated.


drop down is made by a combination of Textfield, List and Javascript. So slect item activity is not working.

In general we can automate by 2 clicks (expand and select)
As we do select the currency code we have unique values

please open a new topic for your case so we can adress individually. Thanks

@ppr Thank you Peter for the prompt response. I will open a new topic :slight_smile: