Select item from dropdown in an application

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to automate data entry into an application. I have the following activities
Open Application
Attach window
type into
now I need to select a value form the dropdown in the app. I tried using the record “click” but the F2 does not last long where I can pick the item and then click the search button. Any idea how to select from dropdown?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


@shanugoel You can use [tab] to jump to the dropdown and then type the text you want and use [tab] to move to next item.
But this purely depends on what kind of dropdown you are using. Some dropdowns will not allow you to search items.
Please share screenshot of the application page.

I need to pick “Well Name” from drop down, I tried [Tab] and it did not work cursor went to the next item on the screen. I don’t think this allows the search

Does the Select Item activity work? It is meant for dropdowns.