Select item error drop down

Read excel sheet get put one form there is drop down

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Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou

Just check the following things

  1. Option is avaialble in combo box from which you are trying to select value

  2. For the option you are trying to select in combobox, check whether it has any whitespace in value present. like you are trying to select an option named as “Option1” in combo box while in website it may have " Option1 "
    Check that via inspect option in chrome

Let me know

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  1. The value you are trying to select should exactly match with the value in the dropdown, even the case and spaces in it are to be maintained exactly same
  2. Is that a dynamic dropdown …like will the data be loaded dynamically when we click or scroll if so then first we have to perform a click to open dropdown or we shpuld scroll to do the selection

Hope this helps



Usually this comes if your passing any value is not matching to the list of Items which are in the menu

Make sure that which value you are passing is exact same to the list of Items that are exist

Hope this may help you



Would recommend to try with the troubleshoots

  1. Check with the input test mentioned in the select item activity like if there is any extra space with the text
    Remove that with a assign activity before this select item activity and pass it

  2. If there is no space with text include a DELAY activity before to select item and then give a try
    Or you can use DelayBefore property in SELECT ITEM Activity itself

  3. Finally there is a property called Target.WaitForReady where mention as Complete so that the activity will wait till the list box elements gets loaded completely

Cheers @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou

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