Select item is not selecting the datas from excel

Hi All,

I couldn’t able to fetch data from excel and select in the combo box.

here, I am attaching my error screen and log file.

please check, I am performing to fetch details from excel and store in the Variable and where ever required and call the stored values to select an item in combo box. I have tried to use click two times.

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Welcome to the community @Manoj_Kumar5!

I think I solved something similar, would you mind checking this post? Drop Down Select Item on Basis of the HTML Value - #9 by Shubham_Varshney

If the site is not private I can test it if you would like

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The error says that the item you are trying to select is not available in the drop down. Can you try the one which is there in the drop down @Manoj_Kumar5? Not sure if the value you are passing in the drop down is already existing one and still getting the same error.



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Is the Instance word is coming from Excel file ?

And also make sure it should be same the items in the drop down and it should be case sensitive also.

Look to this attached img.

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