Select item doesn't working


I’m trying to develop the final process exercise (UiPath Academy) and I don’t success to use Select Item activity in Attach Browser activity, how can I use with this activity ?
I got an error : System1/UpdateWorkItem.xaml: This activity must be inside a Use Application/Browser activity.

Attached screenshot.


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@Batel_Rottem welcome to the Community.

Directly we can’t access few items. got to selector editor and open explorer then indicate whatever required.

Thank you.

but the error message say that this activity must be inside Use Application activity.
the question is if there is another activity for select item?

Check once with Classic activities.

The select item which you used modern one but that should be used inside the Use Browser/Application.

Same things we are having with classic also, but we can use anywhere.

thanks you
it’s work now with the classic activity.
thanks again :slight_smile:

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