Select item Activity Choose issue

Hi Team,

In the Select item activity i have duplicate name in the list… i have try to Select “Business Unit” first one… at the time debug the code its choose second one… how set first one in the select item.

First Business Unit xpath : //[@id=“filters_grp_company”]/optgroup[2]/option[5]
Second Busines Unit xpath : //




To select the first “Business Unit” option in the Select Item activity when there are duplicate names in the list, you can modify your selector to be more specific, targeting the first option explicitly.

In UiPath, you can use the “idx” attribute to specify the index of the element within a collection. Here’s how you can modify your selector to target the first “Business Unit” option:

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Hi Shyam,

If the child elements are static try using dynamic click, which means click on the drop down first-> then click on the ( First Business Unit xpath : [@id=“filters_grp_company”]/optgroup[2]/option[5] ) using another click selectors.

Try simulate properties if it works or else go with default(Hardware events)


when working with the select item we can modify the selector pointing to the select element (the dropdown). But influence the item selection is for us behind the scenes.

As alternate pattern we can do:

  • click1 - expand the drop down
  • click2 - elect the option

so for click 2 we can fine tune the selector

When some precalculations are to be done in advance we can use find children and getting all options on advance.

we would assume that on html element level there will be 2 different value attributes for a further differentation

Hi @ppr

Unable to Indicate item in the drop down box.


we need details what was done what was failling

keep in mind that we do a lot of selector definitions by structure analysis and are not block if an indicate item fails on the first round.

At least within the uiExplorer we can handcraft the selector

Hi @ppr

try indicate the dropdown list.

are you working against a webpage Html Select dropdown?

Share some more details / screenshots please

as we dont see any webctrl tags within the selector we would doubt a few things

it is webpage automation work. Only this select items showing like this.

other select items are webctrl tags are available. So that i shared the xpath

before running into a long ping-pong conversation

what is to achieve
what are the application / webpage details (structures, screenshots)
what was done
what is failing

As we asked e.g.


we have doubts and unclear items

Kindly note:
When a pure HTML element is not recognized with a webctrl tag in selector, ensure:

  • the right UiFramework was selected, when taking the selector (F4 Switching)
  • the browser extension is working correctly

Hi @ppr


Can able to indicate the select employees option in webpage

click select employees option dropdown box will be appear… In that dropdown i have to choose the first Business unit try to indicate the on three methods AA, UIA, and Default its showing above image i shared

Final Goal : i want to select first Business unit in the dropdown list

thats good, so we do see the expected webctrl tag

So when clicking (click activity) against the dropdown is it expanding the list?

Show us the details from the both option elements (screenshot from UiExplorer / Browser F12 Webtools)


Hi @ ppr

So within the second click (Click Activity after expanding with a first click) we can make the click selector specific when using


maybe finetuning a css-selector (first option group) or a find children post calculation

kindly note: value is an attribute which will not be offered for the selector design / definition

Hi @ppr

can you elaborate more in css-selector to indicate

in Addition to

  • above xpath selector
  • selector crafting

selectors are using the css-selector syntax and not XPath

Xpath ../optgroup[2]/option[5]
CSS-Selector: /optgroup:nth-child(2)/option:nth-child(2)

But when setting the hardcoded index then we also can shift directly to the hardoced idx=XX option from the selectors itself

(we assumed also the usage of optgroup selector within the selector hierarchy, unfortunately not offering the label attribute for selectors)

in css we also have the option to react on attribute content:
optgroup[label="…Private Limited"]

But it looks fragile in UiPath Selectors

So, we recommend the find children approach to options and filter it to that option which has the corresponding optgroup parent

Hi @ppr

i tired as per your guidance

Issue still exists

Was find children tried, as we recommended?