Select Folder Not Opening up Windows explorer

Select Folder activity is Not Opening up Windows explorer to input Directory name. Please help?

Madan Upadhyay

hey @upadhyay.madan

Which version you are using? if using 2016.2.6379 then you compatibility->System->Dialog->Select folder activity then let us know.

there is no property to pass the input folder. only output it will return "full path of that selected folder.


@aksh1yadav - It’s version is 2016.2.6344.

I’m using Select Folder activity - and expectation is to allow open a windows explorer windows to select respective folder. And, after selecting folder, i should be getting selected folder in out put parameter. But not getting any windows to select folder.

BTW, suggested option i’m not getting in my UiPath version.


you have installed v7 compatibility? pack from package manager? That compatible activity will work.

Bit puzzled… Unable to find any such pack.

May you please help?


I am trying to paste this path -


In Select Folder activity but it says end of expression expected.

My UiPath version is 2018.2.4 the select folder activity is not opening up in Chrome. Is there any new package which need to be added?
I have searched for UiPath.V7.Activities in Manage Packages window however unable to find it.
Please help.

same for me, cannot find this V7 package

Hi @upadhyay.madan! Could you find any solution to this issue?