Level 1 Lesson 2 Control Flow Loops - Select Folder not doing anything flow just sits without a dialog box opening


I’m doing Level 1 training and this section is going to get you to pick a folder and then writeline all the files in that folder to the output window.

Here is my code.

Main.xaml (17.6 KB)

I’m expecting to be able to choose a folder via a dialog box opened by the Select Folder activity but nothing happens just hangs with no dialog and eventually I have to STOP the process to move on.

Has anyone got an idea what is going on here, it should be pretty straightforward right.

Sorry forget that select window was hiding behind another window (I thought it would be displayed at the front of all open windows as it had just be created)

Thanks very much.

hello, I met the same issue. And I try to set a default value to the “selected Folder” variable, such as: selected Folder = “C:/” it works. And I still investigate why the select folder activity could not save the file path to the output variable.