Select date in csv/excel

Hey Uipath angles, here’s my question
I have choose all people that birth in 1980 in this csv file then print their data into a new csv file, is there any way to do that in uiapth? Here are my filedata.xlsx (83.0 KB)

Now i am stuck at datatable building…

Yes. Many ways. You can read excel table(read csv or read excel file within excel scope) into a datatable then loop (for each row) through the data or instead of the loop use a filter on the datatable variable to create a new datatable and do stuff to that new datatable.

May i see how you done that and the loop?
The question seems not hard but i almost stuck every step…
Here are where i stuck when making data table

in the loop, use get row item to extract the dob. If the year = 1980 append row to new datatable (create the blank datatable before the loop). when loop is complete write the new datatable to csv.

It is easier just to read the datatable and then create a new datatable using a filter. Here is a link on how to filter.

ohoh!! thank you for solving my problem!!!
I work this for all night long already, thank you soo much!

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