Filter dates

I want to filter the dates in the multiple csv file how can i do it i am stuck with this problem for more than 3 days please help.In the csv files there is coloumn called dates i want to extract the data based on the given date that is 23-05-2022

use read csv activity to get the datatable
use filter data table activity to filter using date

i have already used it but it shows the error

Please show the error

it showing no error but not showing the values when i filter the dates

Please share the workflow if possible

Download excel (3.4 KB)
this is the zip file file contains the csv file i have to extract the data corresponding to 23-05-2022 from this csv files and paste this data into another excel sheet thats my task

i have uploaded my csv files is that enough pls help i am new to uipath

Hi @alan_prakash

You can try this approach

  1. Read the csv file and store in datatable dt1

  2. Use the below assign activity to filter dates

dt2= dt1.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) CDate(row(“dates”).ToString).ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”).Equals(“23-05-2022”)).CopyToDataTable

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N

ok let me check it

Filter.xaml (11.5 KB)
Hi @alan_prakash

Please check the attached file

ok i will check it

Could you please send this file in the zip i cant open it. It get stuck (8.3 KB)
check filter wf

ok thanks for the help i will check it

Please confirm if it works

it shows no values

and after that it shows the error

give a small delay before excel application scope

@alan_prakash Can you share your input csv file with sample data

Hello @alan_prakash ,

You can do as below.
1)first get all the file names. Directory.Getfiles(“fodler path”).Tostring
2)use a for each loop to the file names.(step 1 data)
3) use excel scope (give the item inside the file url)
4)Read the excel- you will get a datatable
5)use filter activity- give the column name and value to which you want to filter.