Select and click in Informatica Workflow Manager based on text in excel

Hi, may I know how to select the text we get from excel, find and click in Informatica Workflow Manager?


You can check whether you are having any fields in the selector same as the value which you are getting in Excel. If yes, you can use the Dynamic selector approach. Maybe the below video will help.

Hi Rahul, i try to use dynamic selector in my click activity but it seems not working as well. variable1 in the screenshot is referring to the string user type in excel. Do you know what is wrong with this?

@Audrey6 What is the error you are getting with this

@Audrey6 I saw that it says variable1 is not defined in the current scope. Go to variable1 in the variables panel and make sure the scope of your variable is set to your workflow name. Below screenshot for ref

Hi @Audrey6 ,

We notice in the Selector that there is an Omit on name attribute, which would mean it is not taking that attribute into consideration. Is that Expected ?

You can simply remove the omit: from the selector and Check.

the dynamic variable which you have added is already omitted from the selector. Can you inspect on the element again. The If you want to add a dynamic variable, right click on the selector lcoation( suppose if you want to replace “outline item” with a dynamic variable, remove outline item and right click. CHoose the variable you want to use.

Hi, I removed the word “omit” and try to validate but it says it is not defined in the scope where I do not know the reason behind. As I have checked in my variables where I already declared “variable1” in “Sequence1” scope.

@Audrey6 ,

Try adding a Default value to the variable1 variable in the Variables Panel and Check.

@Audrey6 Please save your Sequence1 workflow first. Next open this selector then the error might get disappear Variable or argument "variable1" is not defined in the current scope

Also, to check the selector is working, pass some default value (Pass the first element on which you want to perform click action in the default column)into the variable1 and validate the selector. Check the results

Yeah, it runs successfully. Thanks

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