Select an image in SAP among same multiple images

i want to select a folder image to update the “Folder Number”. But when i design the workflow it’s always clicking on the “BOE No.” folder image.

How can i select the fourth occurrence of the same image?

Can anyone please help
Thanks in advance.


@Roopa_Nagaraj Can you provide Screenshots of the Selector of the Fourth Folder Image and the First Folder Image in Ui Explorer ? There would be some attributes that will help us to differentiate between them

Thanks for the reply @supermanPunch. Now i am using click image activity and selecting this image image .
when i run the workflow its clicking on “BOE No.” reference image, but i want to click on "Folder Number " reference image.
i don’t know much about this. could you please elaborate.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like SAP screen… Did you try enabling scripting…Because after enabled SAP Scripting it will give you access to click on the icon using normal click button activity…

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Yes @Pravin_Patil1 i have enabled scripting.
I have fixed the issue and now i can select the “Folder Number” reference image by first using Find image activity and then by using click image activity.

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