Select a specific row in a web page table

Hi @daniele.giunta94 ,

Based on the screenshots provided I have question like are those last two screenshot belongs to two table rown in the website. Please confirm.

how can i make selectors dynamic in order to select the last row in a web page table?

Yes we can make selectors dynamic to get the last row from the website.

To achieve above we have to use extract table data activity and get all the rows from the website. It will provide you a datatable which contains all the table information. By using following expression you would get the row count from the datatable.

YourDT.rows.count.tostring it will give you the row count which represents final table row number you can store this one to variable FinalRowIndex and pass this value to selector attribute tableRow in the form of dynamic selectors. Once you run the flow it will click the last row.

Or how can i select the row where the box is unchecked

For this we have to find out the exact attribute for the checkbox to understand whether it is checked or unchecked mostly selectors would have attributes like Checked. By using get attribute activity to understand whether it is checked or not. You have to use the combination of above idea and this idea to achieve this requirement.Please explore on this area. Thanks