Select a item from a long drop down list

Hello, I’m trying to find a ways to select a item from a dynamic list. My problem is that the list could change, so I can’t just say, click at the middle of the bar to get at half the result and then select my good item. The wanted item could be at any position in that list and if uiPath don’t see the choice in his screen, he won’t be able to select it…

Is there a ways to make the robot scroll down until he actually find the wanted element from a list?

Right now, I’m doing my test using word office, trying to select a table of content.

Buddy @MaxyArthes

You can use select item activity in this case and mention the item that you want to select in the input parameter as well like this
ONLY THING is you need to indicate the element of dropdown list


Sometimes I am using algorithm, that robot click on drop down list, than sent a “home” key to it and read text in actual position. If the text matches that I want, send enter, alse push arrow down and so on… Also the robot remebers the text from last “row” and if does not change, it knows that is in the end and throw exception.
I am using this, when anything else work, because it is slow. But maybe it helps you. :slight_smile:

Tried but I’m getting a error, see anything that I’m doing wrong?

that prob take a while if the list contains over 100 elements?

Yes that is right, as I wrote, it is always the last solution. Did you try click text activity?
When you use select item, you do not need to click on the element before, but I dont think, that it wiil work there. And aslo you are using selector which is on your picture in the select item activity?

yah, at the moment, I’m trying the “down key” until “click text” find the wanted element

OK, good luck :wink:
And did you try to use “normal” click? Sometimes it was only about selector, It was enough to experiment with it a liitle, try to use more parts from the tree, different parts… And this solution is able to click also to hidden text.

Tried with a normal click but its was just clicking below the list, as its know the element exist but don’t see it as its don’t scroll down to the element x)