Secure Workflow

Hi all, imagin i have a full project with 10 little xamls that any one can have access, but i whant just a part of the it to be secure for exemple 1 xaml os to be hide or something like that.

It is possible to have only 1 xaml with password/secure, or something like it ?

Tnhx, its just a question.


If you are using Orchestrator then store those kind of confidential information in Assets. Else save those values in config file and protect with password.

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If you want to “hide” some parts of your project and you have access to Orchestrator, you could publish those as libraries, so it would not be as easy to see what is inside…

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Hi @bcorrea,

It will not be easy but we can see what is inside. @Luis261980 best thing for you to do is what @lakshman say.



He wants to protect his code, how can he run a project with a xaml file content in an orchestrator asset??

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Tnhx to all i just whant to confirm that only with uipath was not possible in a easy whay :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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