Second item in queue not processing

-I am using RE Framework and I have uploaded transactions in the queue. Once 1 transaction is complete, the bot doesn’t do the same steps again and remains still at the last step. I am opening the browser with credentials in the init stage and performing the activities in the process. How can I fix this and make the bot do the same process for the second item? Please advice.

Hello @Anived_Mishra ,

Are you getting any error? I hope after processing of each item, you will be setting the status of queue item and if there are queue item available it will again move to Get Transaction state.

Could you please confirm in which step the execution failed and whats the error.

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The bot should process the next item which is in the queue. I hope you have did the same.

For Example(Scenario): Login to website and scape the data provide data to one more website

Initialization: Open your Application and login to the website And scape the data…

Get transaction Data: Get the each transaction which we recently scraped from the website…

Process transaction: providing the each scraped data to the another website

So in get transaction item it will take the each transaction as an item and process the next action.

This will repeat until the data finished…


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Hey, it worked. Turns out it was a selector issue. Thank you.

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