Searching webpage for buttons URLs

I’m using Find Children in order to get and filter out the URL of the Contact button from a webpage.
But I’m not able to extract any URL of any button.

Example_source - hotel short - Contact button.xaml (18.1 KB)

give a try on using the href attribute

I’ve added in Find Children, but no improvements (only 2 URLs with the domain address only):

<html app='chrome.exe' title='* Hotel*' />
<webctrl tag='BODY' href='*' />

INPUT Filter contain this:

"<webctrl aaname='Contact*' href='*'  />"

this was not meant. when you processed the found children there an url attribute was used, but here is meant the href

Feeld free

  • to share some sample URLS
  • resharp your requirements: what is to do? finding hotels contact data?

Here is the file:
Example_source - hotel short - Contact button.xaml (18.1 KB)

Find Contact button on the homepage (in order to click on it and navigate to the Contact page where to look up after email address).

we asked for the url samples, can you share also. thanks

Sample from Log (I got 2 identic urls):


thanks, when you do mention button you are talking about the link offering the email adress. right?
as we mentioned samples (plural) are all pages in the same structure) if not then please share alternates as well. thanks for support

Peter, I’m talking about CONTACT button (to navigate to the Contact page; if I solve that, I will later work to improve email address scrape).

Website homepage:


URL for Contact button:

show visuals

Sorry? I didn’t get your point.
I have to mention that I intend to scrape many websites, so I cannot just indicate visually an element.

but are you aware that each page can have different selectors and you will have to program all of them?
If you want us to help you identify this one particular one, you have to show us which button you mean on website.

Piotry, I’m aware that’s why I’m asking for experts help. :slight_smile:

IF using Find Children can get all URLs from any webpage, then I’ll be able to filter out the button “Contact” and its own URL - this is my approach based on what knowledge I’ve got about UiPath.