Searching Company Name and how to order Book scraping

  1. searching company name part and open a order book
  2. searching company part completed only remaining how to scraping ‘Order Book’ 4 table how to scraping plz answer
  3. one by one searching comany name and scraping 'Order Book ’ 4 table plz answer searching part are completed only scraping not possible please answer and Solution


Please use table extraction and I hope the table formats will not change so make sure in the table selector there are no details related to a specific company…so that the extraction works for all


Hi @Nikhil_Patil1 -

  • If you are using Classic Design activities, go with Data Scraping activity to extract the table data

Link -

  • If you are using Modern Design activities go with ExtractTableData activity

Link -


Hope the following sample helps you. (6.5 KB)


Stock Market (1).zip (21.2 KB)
my work flow send in zip file plz find this solution

please help me

@Nikhil_Patil1 - I’ve built a sample workflow for the company tatamotors

Atatched workflow - (16.8 KB)

thanks Mam’am again but single company fetching data mam dynamically next more company how to scraping data and my workflow sending plz answering Mam’am.
Stock (18.6 KB)