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Hi All,

Facing issue to Search and select another item from the list of items in Text box.

Please see below

Step:1 Click on text Box

Step:2 Search particulat title in search box


Step:3 Selected the searched title


Step:4   In Selector Editor,it's showing like this
     "<webctrl aaname='Sr. PHP Developer' idx='2' parentname='assignment_title_id' tag='LABEL' />"
       Note : if we want to select any other item from list of items ,it is not allowing 


     NOTE: Can any one help me out,how to select another item from list of items.

you can give your variable here aaname = {{YourVariable}}

it’s not allowing

Hi @SunnyM,

Can you try to use Select Item activity for this task.

Thank you


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Hi @SunnyM

Use click activity and then use type into activity with click before typing is enabled if select item not working


This is how the screen and Selector editor shows

If I want to choose “Java Developer”, i need to go and change the selector value in EDIT SELECTOR.

How can I do this.

Hi @SunnyM

No need you can just pass the wildcard for aaname and type the value


Tried that one tooo


use UiExplorer to achieve this!
and copy the selector from UiExplorer and paste it to Select time later on
or else you can do this

  1. Type into and hit enter ( if your UI support typing in the select drop down)
  2. Use click activity on the arrow mark then use click text.

How to do validations in Web-application,could you please help me out…

Hi @SunnyM,
Can you explain your problem in detail.