Search result comes back with more than 1


I have stored my output (an amount) in a variable and when running the process i need to make sure the bot searches for a specific transaction, however if there are more than 1 transactions that match the amount then the bot is to highligh the text in the row in red and move to the next row. i have extracted the data from the spreadsheet into a datatable, but now need to do this check and i can’t get the formula right

so far i have myvariable > 1 but i am getting errors, i want the if statement to say if there more than 1 in the search stop the process else continue

can anyone help?

What is the variabletype of transactions? can you share workflow if possible.

@Jyotika_Halai Unfortunately its on a virtual machine so i am not able to share with you. how can i check that?

you can check it in variable tab.