How to check if the data in the table are correct

I need to verify that the dispositive actions on the web table have been performed correctly.
The bot has to compile a web table, according to some rules previously set.
Each data in the table is set as a variable, or can be plotted as such.

Most of the time, all operations are done fine, but random the bot fails to write.
to better understand:
This is the table compiled on the web.

the bot has filled in all the cells in this table.

I have to check that exactly that data is present in the “Coupa Timesheet” column. (it’s a string variable)
…that exactly that word is present in the Bot Result column. (it’s a string variable) … and so also in the Elaborated (GOV) column …

And if it is incorrectly filled in, repeat the operation.

How can I do? Can anyone help me?

Can help me?

Hi Aaron,

The problem is that each application is it’s own world. I don’t know how many bots you have and how are they working in coordination with each other. If the possibility of failure is not negligible, then maybe it’s worth adding an extra process at the end that extracts that compiled data again and redoes the those that are wrong(?). Would the right data be available at that point? when the data is wrong, how wrong is it (?), Can the bot that is creating the inputs just check and retry (?)… to many open points