Search for a list of filenames from the excel in a directory

Hi… i am trying to solve the following usecase with StudioX activities:

  1. I have a list of lets say 126 files in column “File_Name” of sheet ‘File_list’ in the excel sheet File_list.xlsx
  2. I need to search for all these files listed row by row from column “File_Name” in let’s say directory c:\Projects\TestFiles
  3. If a file with a part of filename listed in ‘File_Name’ column of excel sheet matches with one of the files in directory C:\Projects\TestFiles
  4. A flag ‘Y’ should be written against the filename which matches in the same excel sheet ‘File_list’ under another column named “File_Exists” else the value of flag should be ‘N’

Can anybody help me out with the workflow to achieve this ?

Appreciate your inputs on this!

@NSharma05 - Please try this…

If Condition



My Output

Note: I am not able to Write N, if the file not found. If I do that, it is messing up. I will look into after sometime. But for the time being, use the above…

@prasath17 Thank you for a quick revert on this.

while trying to implement the solution you provided, i came across a following hiccup:

I am not able to figure out a way to add CurrentFile in UIPath StudioX

Can you please provide an insight on this? When i was reading through some documentation, it said " For Each File in Folder and, when you configure the input of the activities, you can indicate the file property to use for each file from the Current File entry …"

but i do not see any such option at my end because of which i am not able to build the if condition:

Would appreciate your insight on this as i am a beginner

@NSharma05 - Looks like you are NOT using StudioX…what you are trying is Studio

Please choose StudioX…as per the below screenshot…and then try the above solution…

Hi @prasath17 i tried in both :worried:

@NSharma05 - What version of UiPath you are using??

Also, Please go to Manage Packages and update all the packages where you see blue arrows…and then give it a try…

@prasath17 It’s version

@NSharma05 - hmm… I am using 2021.4.0 …

I really don’t know, how to get this solution working in 19.10 version. Is there way a you can update to new version or atleast 20.10 or 20.6??

@prasath17 Let me try and make a request…

Thanks for your inputs