How can I search for a file multiple times

I want to search for the same bulk of files in different folders and they are all located in a folder.
For example I want to search for a “File_name” in “folder_1”, “folder_2”, “folder_3” and tell me in which ones does it exist. “folder_1”, “folder_2”, “folder_3” are all located in a main folder. I want the results to be exported in an excel file and for each folder to have a column with the results of the search.


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Hope these steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use below command to get files in that directory and assign output to string array in a assign activity
     arr_files = Directory.GetFiles("Ur folder path") 
  1. check the length of the array. If length is greater than zero, then files exists in folder otherwise files not exists in folder like this

arr_files.Length >= 0

If true it goes to THEN part where you can confirm that the file is in this folder which you can update in excel file

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Where should I write the " arr_files = Directory.GetFiles(“Ur folder path”) "command?

@Mihai_Iancu - are you trying in StudioX or Studio?

If Studio please change the your post category to that because it is currently posted under StudioX…

I am trying in StudioX

@Mihai_Iancu - Sorry for the delayed response…Are you looking something like this??

I have 3 folder under the MasterFolder…


And one of the folder contains the file i am searching for…


Since I have checked “Include sub-folders”, it will search all the folders under MasterFolder and look for the file name contains “736”…

Hope this helps…

yes, but the same file can be found in more than 1 folder.

Simply place the file in all the folders and you will get the result…