Excel case

Hi All,

This case seems to be an easy one using normal Studio. However with Studio X I have problems.
What is case.
I have in folder some Excel files (.xlsx). They all look the same inside but have different names.

Now what I need to achieve
Iterate through all Excel files from this specific folder. For each file check values from cell B2 and C3
Then based on the values moved the file to other folder.

Please help.

-for each file in folder
-if -> condition builder : indicate in excel the cell/value you need and compare to whatever you need for the action to take place
-then : move file to \location1\


Thank you for the support.
What Im doing wrong, when I try to Indicate in Excel it will automatically open the Excel_Workspace which is in a project package and I can not indicate in on of my file from Folder(4)

use current file and not workspace excel…and also you need an excel card there…

OK Got it
But now how to type in ‘Browse for an Excel file’ not a specific file but just iterate through those three which I have in my Folder (New folder (4)? I may each day have different number of files with different names.

in excel file card you want CurrentFile-> FullPath

ok and now I cannot chose indicate… in If under Conditioner Builder

please remove your if condition and put it back in, because in condition you should see Excel1 to choose…

This is weird. I was trying to create again if but no changes at all.
I can see only Excel1 to be able to indicate when I refer to specific Excel file. When I use your advise with CurrentFile Full Path then it does not work…

Well, it works for me… try in a new project just for testing purpose…

What studiox version are you using? I see missing some options there.

Please upgrade Studiox to the latest version. For this scenario you will the “Template file” option very usefull.

Studio 2019.10.3 or 2020.4.1 (on 2020.4.1 I have template file option, and yes for this version I can indicate to excel)
Is that mean I have to update the version.
In fact I do not have options that are on the screen provided by @Mircea_Arhip


I still have a problem to iterate through all files in the folder.
System try to indicate to specific folder name while I do not want to include this information.

I might have different excel files with different names. Picture presents only example
And here how I should set this up to not refer to any specific file
Now it will only find a proper answer when verify file ATT65971

I dont think you want to use that feature in your case, remove Create if not exists, template file and maybe auto save if you are not making any changes to your excel files, and you are good to go…

It doesn not have any influence on the results

Yes, i know, thats why you should not use them :slight_smile: But, are you still having any problems?

Indeed there is no change
In template file is that a way to not specify an excel file name? Or it must be like that?
I do not understand way when process iterate through my 3 files, gives a good result only for this 1 file ATT38830 and for two other a wrong result

That template must be the same structure of the real files, but the values are going to be from the real files… But make sure the values in your IF condition are good… If you are comparing as a Number, like in your print, make sure excel has really numbers and not text, also that you have no blank spaces… And also the name of the Sheets will have to be the same in all files…

OK… I see
And also the name of the Sheets will have to be the same in all files… - this is a problem, is that any way to do it, any work around.
I know how to replace Sheet names but I do not think there is a way to invoke code in StudioX
Hm this seems to be a limitation in StudioX