Search for a folder inside a main folder using an input dialog variable


A fairly simple question, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I need to:

Have an input dialog box that captures a “customer name”.

Which would save this “customer name” as a variable - customerName.

Then, I would be using this variable several times throughout the process to save several different files to this particular folder, inside a main folder.

So, searching a specified main “Customer folder”, but use the customerName variable to search the “Customer folder” and find the specified customerName folder.

It seems like I would use “browse folder” and then in the filepath section of “browse folder”, I would put the filepath of the main folder - desktop/mainfolder/(customerName) - Something like that - and assign a variable where the customer name would be.

Can anyone help me figure this one out?

You guys are the best. Thank you!


If all the customer folders inside the same folder we can achieve this easily…

  1. Take one input dialogue box … Stored it in a variable-CustomerFolder
  2. Take one Assign-create a string variable-Folderpath like this
Folderpath = "desktop\mainfolder\"
  1. Use folder exists activity inside the folder field check like this

Create a Output variable- Boolean type-FolderExists

Take one if activity mention the condition like this


If folder exists then block will execute… so do the next process in then block…

If folder does not exists… do whatever you want in else block

Try this and let me know


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Hello @Sc100 There are two approaches to do this

Approach 1

  • Use Select Folder activity which opens a dialog box at run time to select a folder (you have select it by manually navigating to that customer folder) to use later

Approach 2

  • Use Path Exists activity to check the customer folder exists or not. If it exists then you can proceed with the next steps

Please check the attached workflow for the above two approaches (5.3 KB)

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Thank you so much!

That really helped a lot.

Assigning a variable to the path of the main folder, and then using " + " to add the name of the specific folder.


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