Browse for File : How to pass the folder path as variable

I am able to use the ‘click’ event to open the browse folder windows dialog on a web application.
However I want to send the browse folder location as a variable to the event so that the default recorded path can be overriden with the value of this variable.

The Uipath should be able to select a file from the folder specified and the next click event is ‘import’.

Please suggest how I can pass the folder path as a variable and also select a file from the folder.

Use type into activity to pass the variable(folder path plus file name) to select the file inside folder.

Same scenario occurred with me, while clicking an image icon, windows file browse dialog opens up. now File path is dynamic. First tried using “Set Text” activity did not work. Then tried with “Type Into” activity. worked correctly. Variables could also be used. Hot keys (Enter) could also be send along with text.