Search Bar UIPath Version 2019.7.0

Hello UIPath Community,

I have following issue:
On my laptop I’m using the newest version of UIPath Studio, which I’m using to work at home and debug some issues for several workflows.
At work I’m using a PC with an older version of UIPath.

Most of the time I’m working with the search bar, which has changed by the new update.
I use the search bar to search text in different WRITE LINE-Activities for example:

"VV-Suche offen = "+VVSuche_open.ToString

On the Pc’s old version it’s possible to just search for the text “VV-Suche” and the desired WRITE LINE appears by using the SEARCH BAR.
Unfortunately, I can’t use this on my Laptop anymore, cause when I want to search for this specific text the tool-bar can’t find any matches.
I just can search for WRITE LINE and choose the activity. But in my workflow there are over 200 WRITE LINE-Activities since I didn’t name them… It wasn’t necessary till now.

Could anyone help me with that issue ? Thanks a lot

Photo attached.

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It’s known issue and UIpath team working on this. For your reference please check below thread.

Seaching function is not good ,i can't search the activity which contains the variable i typed since i upgrade to the version of 2019.07 - #2 by lakshman


Fastest reply ever :wink:

Thank you very much !
Hope it’ll be fixed soon. Cheers and have a great day.